Your family history, after all is the story that leads to you. My passion is to find my ancestors, so would love to help others to do the same.

At a young age I was fascinated about where I came from. My grandmother always told me I had Irish in me whether that is true or not I would like to find out, how about you would you like to find out what nationality you came from. Let me help you.

This will be a big adventure for you and me both.

If you have no spare time because you are to busy at work then let me help you. I can do all the work of helping you to find your ancestors.

Your Family Tree

The first thing you have to do is build a tree with yourself then go back as far as you can. So I would have to know a little about you to start with.

I would have to know who your Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncles, Aunts etc. are.

Then start building your tree.

As soon as I begin your tree I will look through Historical records, photo, and other ancestry trees for information about your family.

Start with what you know and build a bridge to the past.


Some stories you could use to start building your family tree.

  • Stories can include was my Grandfather in Military services (such as exploring World War1 military service records)
  • Educational memories (how many of my ancestors went to school, did they complete high school, college)
  • Where did my family name come from.
  • What kind of life did your ancestors lead.

What you would need to know about your ancestors

The more you know it will be easier to find them.

1. You would need to know your ancestors name.

2. The approximate year when your ancestor married, died,or immigrated or even if he or she even has been recorded in records such as a cenus.

3. The name of relatives, such as parents, children, brothers sisters, spouse, in-laws etc.

Family means every thing

If you didn’t have family you won’t even exist today so cherish them with all your heart.

You will be amazed where your family came from and how many generations there are in your family.

Once you start, it will become fun and amazing at what, when and how your ancestor lived. It will also be fun for me to help you find your ancestors.

So in conclusion Happy Family Hunting.


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